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What can Anemoi do for you? Anemoi can provide you with:

ventajas de las energias renovables
  • Many years of experience and a proven record in the development, funding, construction and operation of renewable energy assets. Anemoi operates at all stages of the value chain (development, funding, construction and operation). An indication of the efficiency of Anemoi is that all projects undertaken to date have been constructed and are now on stream, in compliance with the targets set at the investment stage.

  • The technical and financial capacity needed to successfully develop the various investment opportunities arising.

  • 3. Competitive edge

    • Speedy analysis of the investment and implementation of a project.

    • The corporate structure and capacity to manage and analyse projects in order to provide speedy overall project analysis.

    • To date we have analysed 2000 MW thanks to our solid internal structure, consisting of: Technical Office, Development Department, Construction Department, Operation and Maintenance, Energy Management.

    • The equity needed to undertake this kind of project.

    • Proven financial capacity, working together with various Spanish and foreign banks that hold Anemoi in great esteem.

    • Management team pooling more than 12 years experience and work, with expertise in the development and construction of renewable energy projects.

    • International vision and local knowledge. Anemoi has deep insight into a variety of local and regional sectors in most of Spain's autonomous communities, and in many other European countries (particularly Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary and Poland).

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